Are You Wasting Your Money on Synthetic Vitamins? By Heidi Dulay, Ed.D., N.C.
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A Solution 

There’s a new class of supplements called “whole food supplements” – single whole food vitamins (like Vitamin C from rose hips or camucamu), or whole food multis.

“Whole food ingredients naturally contain the hundreds of “cofactors” the body needs to absorb vitamins.”

The ingredients in whole food supplements are primarily concentrated forms of the vegetables, fruits, herbs or spices, known to be rich sources of vitamins and other known nutrients.  They usually do not contain artificial colors, preservatives and other toxic additives.  Whole food ingredients naturally contain the hundreds of “cofactors” (other nutrients) the body needs to absorb vitamins.

When cofactors are missing, as they are in synthetic vitamins, the body may treat the vitamin as a foreign substance and eliminate it. Or it may grab the needed cofactors from its own organs, bones, muscles and other tissue.  In other words, your body starts eating itself. Over time, this depletes the body, causing disease and degeneration.

Whole food supplements solve these problems while providing vitamins the body can absorb.

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How to find whole food source supplements.
Check the labels before you buy from your GNC or drugstore. Buy products with the whole food source verbiage on the bottle.

This is a whole new class of daily multis - now that we know the side effects of synthetics. You know, like smoking. Until we learned the side effects, no one really thought much about it.

Here are whole food multis we have developed The PopsPop A Purple and Pop A Green.

Dr. HeidiDr. Heidi’s ongoing quest for all things healthy started with two personal battles – living down an embarrassing childhood nickname “Walking Ball”, and battling cervical cancer in her early thirties.  Now, more than 20 years later, she’s in peak health and lives to spread the word.  Dr. Heidi teaches Comparative Dietary Approaches, a core course in the Masters Program in Nutrition at John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, California.  She leads product development for Whole Food Nation, and guides clients with her Little Spa programs in nutrition and holistic health.  She holds advanced nutrition certifications from Bauman College, a Master of Science from Stanford, and a Doctor of Education degree from Harvard.


Are You Wasting Your Money on Synthetic Vitamins? By Heidi Dulay, Ed.D., N.C.
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